Step 4: 6 Ways to Cultivate a Netpreneurial Mindset

If you have reached this stage in the 5-stage process of preliminaries to launch your new business out onto the worldwide Internet, you have accomplished the following:

Established and confirmed your unique value in First-Hand Life
Created your digital ID for the future
Considered, researched and created your niche and your target audience

The next stage is to reinforce your mind to deal with the remainder of the journey ahead to success, which could take several months to a year, depending on your commitment. You will need lots of energy, so you need to be absolutely certain that you can find happiness and self-satisfaction with the niche you have chosen. Don’t be afraid to return at this stage if there’s even the tiniest little doubt in your mind.

Introduction to the Netpreneurial Mindset

So, what attitudes and ways of thinking do you need to be a successful netpreneur? The Internet marketplace is subject to rapid change and new trends and fashions, so first and foremost, you need to enjoy change and be infinitely adaptable. The digital economy is still evolving, and the Search Engines are laying down best practices to be safer and accommodate the massive global community. Remember that you could easily become a trendsetter in your niche.

So here are six ways to develop your netpreneurial mindset from the outset.

1. Transform Obstacles into Opportunities for Growth

Resilience should be your crucial quality. It is vital to generate positive thoughts no matter what. There are many reasons for this and plenty to read about:

your mental health will remain balanced
you will maintain a high level of creativity and productiveness
you will be truly happy and grateful for all that you have you will attract good
things because the Universe reflects your state of mind.

As mentioned before:

“every thought you think, and its accompanying emotion, creates your future.”

You are the ruler of your thoughts! No one else can dictate them or make you feel anything. Your thoughts and your feelings are your choice. So, your First-Hand Life is the ideal opportunity to shun bullying social voices and the dreaded thought gremlins.

Poverty Mindset is common when people start something new in today’s competitive life. To find out what this is and how to deal with it, please read How to Get Out of a Poverty Mindset: A Guide for Beginner Netpreneurs. This will help you eliminate some of the unconscious negative thoughts you harbour.

2. Harness the Power of Thought in Shaping Your Business

Above, I mentioned that every thought you consciously think provokes an emotion, and this is how, as a net performer and first-hand life, you can create all of the days of your future. Well-considered thoughts and their emotions are the secret to your success. You have incredible power, which you must realise and utilise fully.

Every morning, as you walk up to a new day, first be grateful for everything you have already around you, Then pause and say the words:

“I am the ruler of my thoughts and I will create my future with them”

Say it repeatedly before the day starts: The sky is eternally blue – there may be clouds, but they always pass by. Then, you can select your thoughts for the day ahead. Of course, it helps to have a to-do task list and to note your goals and deadlines in your business notebook.

In a future article, we will examine how to set goals effectively and ensure you can attain them.

3. Create Value for Your Audience

Always consider your target audience's pain points. The more solutions, inspiration, and hope you offer, the more likely they are to return to your website again and again.

You also need to think ahead when designing your website. Think of your website as a magnet to attract like-minded people. Later, once you have gained the trust of your audience, you will monetise your website to make an income. There are many ways to do this, but it is good to consider the kinds of products and services your niche suits at this preliminary stage. Make a provisional list of them and imagine your customers readily paying you for your recommendations.

It is vital that your motivation to create your website starts now and is powered by offering help to your visitors. Your happiness is the top priority, but so is your audience’s happiness, stimulation and peace of mind. So, always have them close to you in your planning.

4. Stay True to Your Niche: A Traffic and Trust Builder

Staying focused on your niche to become a credible expert is important. Think single-mindedly of providing as much information and wisdom as possible on your niche area. This ensures that the Search Engines will soon index your articles and start to regard you by putting you on the first page of the search results. If you deviate too far from your niche, the search engines will be confused, and so will your potential audience. Think of yourself as a specialist in your niche and work towards becoming one if you are not. This will ensure you create quality and authoritative content consistently.

A good strategy for a new business is offering free gifts in reports, booklets, ebooks, etc. This gives visitors a reward and an incentive to be a loyal follower.

5. Practice Patience for Netpreneurial Success

Patience is essential. Ups and downs, frustrations, and disappointments are inevitable in a competitive and diverse ecosystem like the Internet Business World. Staying mindful and mentally balanced is a requirement for success.

As mentioned above, your new website and digital identity will take time to become accepted and established. This is just like real life. Anything new takes time to be tried and tested. Not having too many expectations is a good strategy. Keeping an open mind is an excellent mindset. Expectations invite failure and disappointment!

6. Dedicate Yourself and Create Consistently to Plant the Seeds of Authority

Developing an internet business requires you to keep your eye on the crystal ball all the time until it is self-sufficient. It is just like sowing seeds that germinate into young plants. At first, the seeds need constant attention – protecting them from weeds, watering them, nourishing the soil, etc. – So you’ll need to work every day to develop your site.

It also takes time and energy to become an authority on your niche if you are not already, and if you are, it will take time for Search Engines to index your site and articles. You are a newcomer, so there must be a settling-in period. People must learn to trust you as a reliable and consistent source of information and guidance.

Investing in your niche business is well worth the creativity and productivity you can muster. Building something from scratch that only you can take full credit for is so satisfying. There is nothing quite like it! You are using your creativity to create your Digital Future.

Next stage: Stage 5: How to Set Effective and Realistic Goals

Step 4 Challenge:

Really understand each of these 6 ways and think about them deeply. This will help to change your mindset.
Think more deeply about your niche (it’s still not too late to change it but by Step 5, please be 100% certain you’ve chosen the right one) and return to your original motivation to take this journey often.

Don’t move on to Step 5 until you have completed this challenge!

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